Php workflow engine

Contribute to workflower development by creating an account on GitHub. Hello, I am looking for a reliable and advanced PHP workflow engine that I can integrate into my PHP application. If not PHP (preferred), know of any other languages that might have.

As we will see in Chapter eZ Systems AS is in need of a flexible and reusable workflow engine component, written in the PHP program-. When an instance (or ‘case’) of the workflow process is created the workflow engine will then take responsibility for dealing with each component in turn. Diskussionen auf Profi-Niveau: PHP Lösungen auf konzeptioneller Ebene.

Mein aktuelles Problem ist nun eine Workflow-Engine.

I am new to workflow engine how it work and how I can develop it; I have A LMS (Learning management Service) site. Is ezComponent Workflow still actively being developed? The last update showing on the ezComponent Workflow: ChangeLog is Monday 21 . HotScripts Content Management from Hot Scripts.

NexFlow is a Workflow Engine and Workflow . Adding custom PHP code to your workflow and manipulating workflow variables. When the node is reache the workflow engine will suspend the workflow .