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Beiträge – ‎AutorenNo, you will never have to confirm anything, and Blizzard does not tell you that your account is under investigation. Blizzard emails in Chinese – World of Warcraft. Mai 2015Is the free days in email blizzard?

Blizzard Entertainment Research Survey- Fake. Der Blizzard Insider ist ein Online-Newsletter rund um Blizzard. In jeder Ausgabe überbringt der Insider exklusive, brandheiße News über Blizzard-Spiele, . How to spot real Blizzard emails is important.

Blizz, but I just got something a few hours ago that looks real enough. Heya Erlang, You should always check the email headers of the emails you receive from us, here is some information that can show you how to . I got email from Blizzard Entertainment (Newsletter email blizzard com) That offers days free time, I am not sure is it fake? I’ve always been suspicious by the amount of phishing activity that revolves around blizzard games that I have.