Macedonian ajvar recipe

Ajvar is known as an ideal companion to cold winters, . Ajvar is a Macedonian roasted eggplant-sweet-pepper mixture, sometimes referred to as vegetarian caviar. Ajvar is a spread made out of red peppers that Macedonians eat with.

I am about to share with you is the famous recipe for making ajvar. This delicious dish called Ajvar is pronounced Ay-var. If you are Macedonian, or just love Macedonian foo this is a recipe . Every household has its own special recipe, and Macedonians who live apart from their families often travel with giant packages of their family recipe of ajvar .

Though everyone has their own recipe for Ajvar, one ingredient is for. The color of the peppers make no difference in taste of Ajvar, but it does make a difference in color. So shortly Ajvar is an Macedonian traditional dish. Ajvar is a type of relish, made principally from red bell peppers. Ljutenica, a similar relish in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian cuisines; Pindjur, a similar relish in.

In Macedonia the ivar is typical appetizer for brandy or smeared on toast and served at any time of day, with or without cheese.