Rollup operator

Der ROLLUP-Operator eignet sich zum Generieren von Berichten, die Teilergebnisse und Gesamtwerte enthalten. Die Operatoren ROLLUP, CUBE und GROUPING SETS sind Erweiterungen der GROUP BY-Klausel. Die Operatoren ROLLUP, CUBE und GROUPING SETS .

Greg Larsen discusses the ROLLUP, CUBE and GROUPING SETS operators. These operators are used with the GROUP BY clause and allow . Difference between CUBE operator and ROLLUP operator. CUBE operator is used in the GROUP BY clause of a SELECT statement to return a result set of . Rollup operator uses a user‐defined input stream that contains dimension data. This data is prepared for the rollup operator as a result of processing with the . This topic provides information about the accepted Rollup operator attributes.

ROLLUP clause is used to do aggregate operation on multiple levels. You shouldn’t use ROLLUP operator in sql until there is no other option. Using Other Aggregate Functions with ROLLUP and CUBE. SQL above has two shortcomings compared to using the ROLLUP operator.

Setup; GROUP BY; ROLLUP; CUBE; GROUPING Functions. GROUPING Function; GROUPING_ID Function; GROUP_ID Function.

The CUBE and ROLLUP operators are useful in generating reports that contain subtotals and totals.