Copywriting consultant

Become a professional freelance copywriter. Award-winning copywriting that captivates and persuades your audience. Sure, there are a lot of content marketing consultants and writers out there.

Specializes in communications and marketing consulting to help companies create streams of new, repeat and referral business. Need a creative consultant for your copywriting? I can help – call me now on 0125573. Copywriting Internet marketing consulting from pro Karon Thackston who puts her 20+ years of experience to work for, guiding you on how to build traffic, .

Copywriting is probably one of the most powerful tools a consultant can have in their arsenal. Great copy makes your marketing materials . Here’s how I consider marketing consultants to be different than copywriters. To me, a marketing consultant (in B2B content marketing) . Copywriting for coaches consultants by a professional copywriter who understands the business of coaching. Clear, compelling, and persuasive sales copywriting.

Online marketing consulting is also offered at $1per hour. Coming soon are starter packages to satisfy demand for social .