Ticket system email integration

I am looking for a simple system to manage inbound emails from a support mailbox for a group with about support people. Tickets werden automatisch aus eingehenden E-Mails generiert, Antworten direkt über das System versendet, strukturiert und . Mit E-Mail-to-Ticket alle Tickets im Blick.

Mit der E-Mail-to-Ticket Funktion Anfragen aus E-Mails direkt in Ihr Ticketsystem integrieren . HappyFox email ticketing system converts email queries from customers in to support tickets, and in turn, assigns them to support agents for responses. Groove to instantly create a ticket, and manage all of your support requests in the same system. Help Scout’s email integration feature allows customers to easily update support tickets from their email client of choice, without logging in.

Email to ticket software using EMLmonitor email ticketing system software, for automated conversion and updates to support tickets. The system reports on number of tickets and processing time. Web-based support ticket system, features social networks and mobile integration. Anyone know of a ticket system that allows you to use it within Outlook? We are finding it difficult to migrate away from email if the system is.

Most systems can integrate with email, of course.