Steno pool meaning

In the musical Grease, the song Beauty School Dropout, the. Secretarial pool – a group that does secretarial work on demand for a group of execs. Stenographer – old school word for someoneĀ .

A steno pool is a large office of secretaries who write letters and assist managers. I don’t understand what Don sai especially he usesteno pool which means the place where the typists (stenographers) work as I know. A secretarial pool or typing pool is a group of secretaries working at a company available to assist any executive without a permanently assigned secretary.

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These user-created lists contain the word ‘Steno pool’. A super sexual being who keeps it cool calm and collected all the time. A steno is the type of person who keeps his game tight but his abs even tig. But surely the change would have happened had she never emerged from the steno pool.

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