Redmine git hosting plugin

This plugin allows straightforward management of Gitolite within Redmine. User ratings‎: ‎(24)Author‎: ‎Nicolas RodriguezCurrent version‎: ‎1. A Redmine plugin which makes configuring your own Git hosting easy ;). Allow Redmine users to manage their own SSH keys.

Nach der erfolgreicher Installation von Redmine eröffnete sich für mich noch die Anforderung, ein git Repository zur Verfügung zu stellen. This is done using plugins which connect Redmine with git hosting software: either gitosis or more recently, gitolite. A command execution vulnerability exists in the redmine_git_hosting plugin, which integrates git server functionality into redmine.

Redmine Git Hosting is a plugin for Redmine authored by Eric Bishop, further extended by John Kubiatowicz, which integrates the Git SCM . We have an error when we click in every submit button in the Git Hosting Plugin configuration page. Ein bedrohliches Sicherheitsproblem konnte in der Applikation Redmine Git Hosting Plugin identifiziert werden. This plugin integrates git repos into Redmine.

Our fork contributions: solves a dangerous . Redmine Redmine Git Hosting Plugin security vulnerabilities, exploits, metasploit modules, vulnerability statistics and list of versions. As Bitnami override some internal paths needed to build native.

Redmine mit Gitolite als Ticketsystem mit Versionskontrolle hilft Freelancern und. After three quite frustrating days I finally got a working setup of Redmine with the git hosting plugin based on gitolite. It is quite startling – there are so many . A Redmine plugin which makes configuring your own Git hosting easy. Installation du plugin redmine Git Hosting -User = $REDMINE); III. This plugin allows straightforward management of gitolite and associated . I’m trying to configure the Redmine Git hosting plugin but I’m struggling with some difficulties in setting up the proper permissions to the web . Deploy the database requirements for the gitolite plugin.

Weiter zu Redmine Git Hosting Plugin 설치 – Redmine Git Hosting Plugin을 설치하기 위해서 다음과 같이 입력합니다. Après un peu plus d’un an de travail, JBox Web est fière d’annoncer la sortie de la version 0. Install Redmine Git Hosting plugin: install-redmine-git-hosting.