Lgc sequencing

LGC Genomics takes part in genome efforts and is able to submit final DNA sequences on a large scale per year. We offer a custom DNA sequencing service. DNA sequencing projects, providing traditional Sanger sequencing NextGen Sequencing services incl.

Order your single sample sequencing or MTP sequencing services primer walking project. Primer design and synthesis, different sample types primer . LGC provides a full range of flexible, accurate, and cost-effective genomic solutions for Genotyping, DNA sequencing, DNA extraction kits services. Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of sequencing and led to novel approaches in many fields of biology.

The sequencing service for ReadyRun and Flexi Run is optimised for plasmids up to. Choose your overnight sequencing service. High quality data, short turnaround times, and expert consultancy – just a few of the reasons why our customers use LGC . When shipping DNA samples to LGC for a genotyping project, please ensure that you follow the . Contact our experts about Genotyping, DNA sequencing, DNA extraction kits services, request quotes, ask technial questions, require information etc.