Gdoc binder

Replace your ring-binders with a digital version that feels like paper. All the familiarity of a paper binder with the power of digital; Connect to OneDrive and Office . Bridge the gap between paper and digital in the home and in the office.

Digital Binder provides all the familiarity of a paper binder with the power of digital. Mit dem Digital Binder können eBinder, digitale Akten, Kataloge und Dokumentationen interaktiv gestaltet und flexibel aktualisiert werden. Doc Binder is currently used to create elegant eBinders in the following Industries for the listed tasks 1. GDoc Binder lets you create, distribute and edit the digital equivalent of a loose-leaf notebook for a very modest fee.

If you need any help with the product, visit the gDoc Inspired support forums. Digital Binder Viewer for iPad is a free app that enables you to view your digital . I first came across gDoc Binder at CES on a table Windows PC. The software enables you to digitally create a ring binder of documents, which . Whatever you can do with a physical ring-binder you can do with gDoc Binder; Intuitive – no training required; Supports over document formats including PDF . Digital Binder is one of the gDoc Inspired solutions that makes the move from paper to digital effortless. It enables you to replace your heavy and bulky .