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Briefings are DCUO collectibles similar to Collections and Investigations. DCUO Bloguide currently has briefings, which are listed below: . The Real WarStyles DCUO – DCUO Bloguidedcuobloguide.

Briefings DCUO 2views; Fire DPS Guide 2views; Light DPS Guide 274 . List of Walkthroughs for DC Universe Online Briefings (Player Briefs) with screenshots for every collection item and rewards. Player Briefings are a collectible similar to investigations or collections. Their tokens are marked with a blue exclamation mark (!).

Amusement Mile The Joke’s On You Briefings. März 2016The Bombshell Paradox – Briefings, Investigations. Juli 2015Briefings and Investigations from other mentors. New Home Turf Collections, Investigations. Hochgeladen von Jcg GameGuidesDC Universe Online Best Briefing Styles This is my choice of some of my top picks for the best looking.

Part of our tour of every Briefing and Investigation in the game. In this episode, we cover the Briefings and. We continue our Briefing and Investigation tour in Gotham. In this episode we cover the East En Burnley. The brief locations and reward from the alert “The Demon’s Plan”.

The reward is the “Lavish bed” which you can also. DCUO Map of Metropolis and Gotham with all collections, investigations, briefings and exobits! All the locations of collections, briefings, .